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Dining Services

Dining Services offers several options during your camps stay. You can select Residential Dining, Drop-off, Buffet, Boxed Meals or Camp Cash. 

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Residential Camp Prices 

Breakfast $9.00
Lunch $10.00
Dinner $10.00

Any camp that chooses not to select camp dining, but chooses to eat at one of the dining locations, will be subject to a door rate of $10.50 plus tax for breakfast and $13.50 plus tax for lunch/dinner.

Dining is non-refundable. Aramark uses numbers provided to Guest & Conference Services to plan for meals and staff accordingly. You can also opt to add camp cash to wristbands for added convenience.

** Subject to schedule of residential dining locations. If no dining locations are open during meals required, drop off option will be default.

Drop-Off Option

Breakfast $9.99
Lunch $10.99

More Details 

  • This option has a 12-person minimum. 
  • Meal will come in disposable pans (linens or chafers will not be provided).
  • Disposable plasticware/cutlery kits(plastic wrapped with fork, spoon, knife, and napkin).
  • Client will be responsible for clean-up.
  • Standard $15.00 on-campus delivery fee (off campus fee will vary depending on location).

Boxed Meals (drop-off only) 

*pricing does not include delivery fee

Classic Boxed Meal ($10.99 per box meal)

Your choice of Classic Sandwich served with Mustard, Mayo, Potato Chips, Cookie and Bottled Water

Premium Boxed Meal ($12.99 per box meal)

Your choice of Classic Sandwich served with Mustard, Mayo, Potato Chips, Cookie, and choice of (1) Side salad and Bottled Water

Salad Boxed Meal ($13.99 per box meal)

Your choice of Classic Entrée Salad served with Chips, Fresh Fruit Cup, Cookie, and Bottled Water

Subway ($8.99 per box meal)

6in sub (Turkey, Ham, or Veggie), Cookie, Chips and Water

Chick Fil A Boxed Meals

Option 1 - Chicken Sandwich, Chips, Cookie and Bottled Water ($11.46 per box meal)

Option 2 - 8pc Nugget, Chips, Cookie and Bottled Water ($11.56 per box meal)

Buffet Option

Breakfast $11.99
Lunch $13.99

More Details

  • Meal will include linens for buffet tables only, chafers for hot food, and food setup
  • Catering Attendant(s) will be staffed according to the guest count provided by client.
  • Additional Fees may apply.

Camp Cash

Looking for a quick and seamless dining option for summer camps? We are now offering Camp Cash that is loadable funds on wristbands/access cards for your campers to use at our international food venues on campus, such as Subway, Chick-Fil-A, and Starbucks.

As a camp sponsor you can decide the food allowance for your campers and the rest is up to them! Just make sure the wristband or access card is available when getting ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tier 1  $15
Tier 2 $20
Tier 3 $25

Disclaimer: Any camp cash loaded for dining purposes will be non-refundable if not completely used.